Radeon Chill algorithm adjustment suggestion

Discussion created by overlordactual on Jun 17, 2018
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If there is a place to submit recommendations to software please let me know. I looked but could not find it. Moving on.


I would like to suggest a change to the Radeon Chill feature. Make an option so chill will only drop the framerate when there is no input. If there is any input the algorithm should have the GPU to go straight up to the upper framerate limit. I do not think it should be a gradual climb based on APM. If I have a min limit of 30 and a max of 60 when I move the mouse or press a key or have it held the game should instantly go and stay at 60 fps (assuming hardware can handle that). Right now I have to set such a small range (10FPS difference) just to keep desirable framerates which defeats the purpose of chill for me. It would be better to keep it off and locked at 60 all the time. I suppose I could toggle chill manually whenever there is down time in the game but that is really undesirable. I want to keep the range at 40-60 ideally because that is my freesync range but the framerate is constantly jumping around at 50-53 FPS unless I start face rolling my keyboard then it will hit 60. If I set 45-60 then it will hover around 55. Truly I would prefer to have 30-60 since if I am not actually doing anything dropping the framerate to 30 is usually fine for me. Like if I am watching a cutscene. At the very least it would be nice to be able to set a delay (maybe 1-10s) before chill kicks in so the framerate is not varying so much. rhallock antal.tungler