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System Freezing On Detecting Hardware R9 280x

Question asked by hyyy6 on Jun 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by charlesisworking

My setup is P8Z77-v, i7 3770k, 16 GB of RAM, R9 280x, 650W Chieftec Nitro series.


I've had this problem for over a year since Microsoft has released first Creators Update for Win10 (1709, if I Remember correctly).


Since then I couldn't install fresh GPU drivers, only some versions could be installed successfully. Then, after the release of 1803, I could neither delete nor install the latest driver even after clean Win10 installation. My system kept freezing on "Detecting Hardware", sometimes it would crash into BSOD with "Machine Check Exception".

Windows 10 was able to install some drivers by itself, but in would also freeze afterwards. However, driver still could be installed that way. If I tried then to remove driver with AMDClean-something-utility, it would crash. DDU could remove it, but system still would crash after every single time.

I've tried enabling/disabling iGPU, switching PCI-E slots, nothing helped.

I thought, maybe the GPU card itself is failing (I've bot a used one 4 years ago), and asked my friend's GTX 750, which worked perfectly.


Then I've decided to check one last thing and made a clean installation of Win7. And the latest 18.6.1 driver installed perfectly fine.


So the problem has clearly to do smth with AMD and Microsoft. Are there any known issues? If so, are there any plans to fix them?


PS. I've already tried almost every single way to fix it with my win10, but I've searched a lot, there were not so many similar issues. The only thing I haven't tried is updating GPU's bios.