EU Considers Banning Kaspersky Software ‘Confirmed as Malicious’

Discussion created by kingfish on Jun 17, 2018

Kaspersky Labs isn’t having a particularly good time of it. The company’s attempts to defeat the US ban on its products have been unsuccessful, the UK has banned all Russian software from government networks that carry traffic rated Secret or higher, and Kaspersky’s decision to move some of its infrastructure to Switzerland from Russia hasn’t prevented the Netherlands from planning to phase out its use of Kaspersky products, either.

Now, on top of these moves, the EU could adopt a resolution of its own to block the use of Kaspersky software. While the motion, which was voted on today, is non-binding, it follows a series of actions by various EU member and non-member states to restrict (or at least recommend restricting) the ways that the company’s software is deployed.

Kaspersky Lab would undoubtedly argue with the characterization of its own software as malicious, but it’s not clear how seriously those protests should be taken. Last year, evidence surfaced of a connection between Kaspersky and Russian intelligence, after Israel revealed it had been the one to detect Russian agents searching US computers and assets for keywords and code names in real time. Those searches were possible because of Kaspersky products installed on the machines in question. Kaspersky counter-attacked the allegations, but has offered no concrete refutation of them. More lately, it’s been tweeting very hard about its transparency initiative.

EU Considers Banning Kaspersky Software 'Confirmed as Malicious' - ExtremeTech