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      Good Morning Forum:


          I have a Windows 10 Home 64bit rig and I have a Desktop Video Card AMD Radeon HD5670 PCIx16 that I have attached to it. DDR3 2 Gbs.


          Now, I have that card and it is in great shape. But, it is old. Now, mind me, I only use this card because of it's longevity. I think I've had it since 2010.

      So, when that card starts to "go". and it will, what is next?  I don't use the computer for gaming nor do I use it for hanging onto photos/media. Maybe a

      game a month, very short. So, I'll use it as a back-up to this Windows 7 Pro.




      Jimmy Nelson

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          For someone like you, you should look at upgrading to a Socket AM4 APU system, as the price of graphics cards, especially low end cards, are still stratospheric. The R3 2200G APU is $99, while the RX 550, AMD's lowest card, is $110 or more. Yes it means a new motherboard and RAM as well, but I wouldn't trust an 8 year old system to work correctly with modern hardware, and with 2GB of RAM, you're hampering your system performance.

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                    I'll get this one (System 1) in a few months, forgetting about the Windows 7 Pro OEM.....yes, that has done me good for 7-8 years, but time to move on!

              Maybe I'll move to a more modern approach, DDR4, Windows 10, but I bought it NEW from ******** last year and the warranty is still good. Hey, Windows 7 is much  better than Windows 10, in my humble opinion. I have room for expansion to have 24 gbs RAM, but I really don't need it.



              System 1

              ASUS M5A97 LE V2.0 Motherboard

              FX 8350 CPU

              16 Gbs RAM (DDR3) 4x4gb

              AMD Radeon HD5670 (2Gbs)

              Windows 10 Home 64bit


              System 2

              ASROCK H55M-HVS Motherboard

              AMD A8-3650 APU

              16 Gbs RAM (DDR3) 2x8gb

              EVGA GeForce GT 730 (2Gbs)

              Windows 7 Professional 64bit