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    Cant use 1920x1440 custom resolution.


      So, my friend uses a 1920x1440 custom resolution, and for some reason i cant set it up on my AMD Radeon driver. He has a Nvidia graphics card, and i have an AMD graphics card - pretty much the only difference between both of our pc specs. Both handle games the same, mine might be a bit better in the long term but they both are very similar. We both have 1080p displays.

      Well, why cant i set up a 1920x1440 custom res then? I use sometimes a 1440x1080 custom res but i discoverd about this 1920x1440 and it seems much better. When i try to save the custom res, it gives me an error saying "The custom resolution settings are not compatible with this display. Recondigure your settings and try again.".

      To be honest, AMD drivers are absolute trash, ive been having major major problems with them from the first day of me using this gpu (crashes, things not working, bugs that are preventing me from playing games and etc).

      Anyone got any suggestion? Anything that could prevent me from using this custom resolution?

      Thanks in advance!

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          got the same problem... the amd panel wont let me get coustum 1920x1440 resolution - 1440x1080 works without  a problem

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              I gave up already. Support is literally useless, just a group of people with poor english who know so little in computers that they stop answering your questions once they understand the solution isnt restarting your computer. AMD is trash, everything regarding AMD is trash, and im hoping to get a new graphics card soon (not an AMD graphics card). Ive been having so many issues with the drivers that its disgusting.

              Recording and relive are so unreliable, never work as intended.

              So many issues with supporting games, i wasted 60$ on Just Cause 3 just because the drivers couldnt handle it correctly.

              If i ever hoped to run the drivers for more than 10 minutes without them crashing, well, it never did. Crashing all over for no reason.

              Just lately i had to downgrade 5 versions of the drivers so i could run Fortnite without it crashing.

              And still, people in the AMD subreddit are claiming that AMD has the best GPUs and processors, making me laugh.


              If you do find any solution to this dumb problem, i would be happy if you could share it with me. In my case, support stopped answering me after i asked how could it be that i could run 2560x1440 but i cant use 1920x1440.

              Good luck.

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                  Please post information about your system specs (CPU,RAM,PSU,HDD,GPUmodel,OS version, GPU drivers, which model of monitor you are using etc.) and maybe someone on this forum can help you further.

                  People would need to know what Operating System you are running for example, to show you how to determine which display modes are supported by your monitor.