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Suttering/Lag on RX Vega M GL

Question asked by nikorasu95 on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2018 by black_zion

Hello, I have been wanting a 2-in-1 capable of gaming for a while now. I just got the HP Spectre x360 15t-ch000 and I'm getting random to occasional lag depending on the game. When this happens my frame time skyrockets and then drops back down. This is a very capable laptop for gaming, only problem is the issue with stuttering/lag, and it's annoying. The games I tested so far is Okami HD, Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD, and Dolphin Emulator. On Okami HD, I can play at a steady 4K 30fps with frame time at 33.3ms. However, its not steady when the lag/stuttering happens randomly. My GPU usage on this game is 100% and CPU usage is normal. The game has a 30fps cap. On Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD I can play at 2560x1440 with a steady 60fps with a frame time of 16.6ms. GPU usage is 100% and CPU usage is normal and no stuttering/lag. However, when I try to play the game at 4K I get 40 to 55 fps with frame time of 20 to 25ms. When the random lag/ stuttering happens the frametime jumps to 249ms and back down. At one point the frame time jumped to 700ms when the stutter/lag happened. Lastly is Dolphin emulator. I tested Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64. On Sunshine I can play at 4K with steady 30fps. The frame cap is 30 anyways. The frame time is 33ms. My CPU usage is normal. I get ramdom lag/stuttering on this game as well, yet the frametime barely moves. Lastly Is Super Mario 64, and oh boy does it perform worse compared to Super Mario Sunshine. You would think because It's a 64 game it would run absolutely perfect but noo, i'm getting more lag and stuttering compared to Sunshine. On Super Mario 64 the game is capped at 30fps so a steady 30fps is what I get until the stutter/lag happens. My frame time is a steady 33.3ms until it spikes up. The highest it jumped was 222ms. As, you can see there seems to be a issue of when ever my frametime is 20ms and above, I get stuttering/lag. What can be causing me to have such high frame times? I troubleshooted the laptop by clean installing with my own copy of Windows 10 Pro and installing the newest GPU drives yet still high frametime. I of course play with the laptop charging because if not, the GPU will have a lower clock and I would get even less performance. If there is no souliton with the issues I'm having i'm just going to get a refund and get the Acer Nitro 5 Spin instead.