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    I just saw my first AMD advertisement.


      I just saw my first AMD advertisement. An it feels good that i helped make this happen. I have been saying this for years since 1998. I never see advertisements or AMD products of any kind. I just saw an AMD Epic advertisement.Taking about technology from the past to today. Finally. You did it.Congrads.


      By the way. This was on YouTube as an ad.

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          AMD didn't do many, just AMD vs Intel advertisment - Bullet Train - YouTube and one for the India market, but really Intel doesn't do much direct advertising either, preferring to let Dell and HP do it for them, but there's also little reason TO advertise, as the people who build their own machines are either pure fanboys and will never switch, or will look up (hopefully professional) reviews and base their purchases off that.

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              Oh Ho Ho ho K. I highly disagree there. More like any advertisements. Their advertisements where on their channel alone. That is the only place i saw them. So that is not advertising. Advertising means you find places to put up your brand an push product. I have not seen that outside of YouTube. So gonna disagree with you there. It's actually non-existent.


              Intel advertises all the time. I catch commercials of them,Posters, Bus stop advertisements even on buses themselves. On YouTube on Veoh, Vimeo, Anime channels,Nascar,Gamestop,electronic stores,Speaker install stores,Walmart,Home depot, Pretty much you name it you see it. They are hard at work pushing product.So again.yeah.Gonna disagree with yah.


              An reason to advertise. You know why Toys R Us went out of business? Its primarily because we are in a digital age. People don't normally buy toys. They get online games or digital pets. Its a digital world now. An to see that an say. :"Naw, we don't need to advertise." Is a sign of being behind the times. You either keep up or fall behind. An how long has AMD been defeatist? YEARS!


              I am happy my advice gave them a leg up. Doing these calculations took time. But if they spend time not advertising. I might as well stop giving them professional information an exploits on how to control the marketplace for years at a time.


              So basically i am disagreeing. They cant be fanboys. I built my computer because i am jobless. I am disabled. Injured spine. I cant work. An i live off $781.00 But i run a business of building computers. So we cant say fanboys. Its smart people who know how to build a business or at least try. Not everyone makes $30.000 a year. Some only make $8.000.


              Finding those people an getting them tech shows some interest in keeping people up with the tech. They can grow from there.At that point MAYBE they can become fanboys. But do you really think fanboys would keep supporting a business if they saw they weren't trying? You have to wonder. We will have to wait an see. Because i am willing to bet,without encouragement. They will leave. or abandon a business at the drop of a hat if they see weakness or lack of support.