Idea for AMD to support old motherboard with the new threadripper

Discussion created by alirezab on Jun 16, 2018
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Hello AMD and people,

I just heard that AMD's new Threadripper might not be able to support all the motherboards out there and it was told upon release and also now when motherboards are getting manufactured.

My idea is very basic but needs a bit of help from AMD itself. here is my idea to fix this:

For the low BIOS capacity problem:

AMD can tell to the motherboard manufactures do make 2 bios revisions for each gen of Threadripper processors. The default or the out of the box BIOS should be something basic until the customer could browse the web and flash the proper BIOS for the processor to save BIOS chips space.

For the voltage source problem:

very similar to the first one, upon flashing the new bios AMD could also import the proper voltage to the bios to make people with less knowledge save their CPU from dying under high voltage. or making a separate port around the CPU or any where on it. also provide an adapter to that port to get a direct feed from the power supply, with a built-in protection feature and power circuit.


This is the end of my noobish discussion to help AMD. Please if anyone can contact them please do, the website is blocked in my country. Thanks!