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    Instruction Based Sampling broken for Threadripper?




      It seems like µProf is not able to perform IBS with a Threadripper CPU.

      The application gets stuck at "Translating Raw File" (one core is at 100%, but even after an hour, there is no progress).

      I'm testing a Matrix-Vector multiplication, however also CodeXL seems to fail when trying to process the IBS events.


      µProf Version:

      OS: Kubuntu 17.10, Kernel 4.13.0-45-generic

      CPU: Threadripper 1950X @ ASUS Zenith Extreme

      I enabled IBS in BIOS (Zen Common Options).



      Furthermore, I am interested in further information about Ryzen architecture (I'm developing high performance scientific/engineering simulation apllications) - who do I need to contact to get access (devhub?)