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Cannot login to RaidXpert WebGUI - how to upgrade drivers?

Question asked by jacobacci on Jun 15, 2018
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I am stuggling with the installation / upgrade of Chipset / Raid drivers.

My Setup is as follows:

Asus Prime X370 Pro with BIOS 4011

1 Samsung MZVPV256HDGL SM951 NVMe SSD in M.2 Slot for Windows 10 Pro, Samsung Driver

6 Spinner HDs attached to Mobo SATA Ports in RAID0 configuration. This RAID0 array is working.


I cannot login to RaidXpert2 WebGUI. The submit button is grayed out. I have deleted rc_login.txt to reset the password, but the button is still grayed out.

As a next step I am upgrading the drivers:


First I downloaded the AMD Chipset Drivers from here

When I install, I get a message to make sure my NVMe SSD is configured as RAID in BIOS. My BIOS has no option to chose anything for NVMe. So I did not install this driver.

Currently installed is 17.40.3765


Next I downloaded the AMD RAID Installer (SATA RAID Only) from here

Installed RCBottom for AMD-RAID Bottom Device without issues

Installing RCRaid for AMD-RADI Controller [storport] starts installing and then hangs forever at "installing drivers".


In the end I had to use the reset button to restart the PC. Luckily Windows came up again.


So now, I am a but stuck

How do I get both of these driver packages installed correctly?

How do I get access to RaidXpert WebGUI to work again?


Thanks a lot for any help