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    Multi HDMI Monitor Support WX9100


      I am looking to create a display wall from a Dell Precision workstation and use a WX9100. The location of the workstation to the monitors is quite a distance from the actual wall. To make things worse, the wall is a solid brick wall, and requires extra length of the cables to wrap around the studs. I am planning on running 6 HDMI cables to the displays. Will I need active converters for more than 2 passive DP-HDMI adapters, or can I use 6 passive adapters for them? Resolutions will be 3840x2160 on all 6 monitors.

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          Hi clacksys


          fsadough will offer you the best answer here, I have personally had positive experiences in the resolutions that you need to work with both adapters:


          club-3d CAC-1170


          Accell B086B-012B

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            There is a lot more info you need to provide. Display Wall is a delicate subject.

            • What do you mean by a "quite a distance"? 10m, 50m, 100m, 200m? This is the key question.
            • Do the monitors have only HDMI inputs? If yes, which version?
            • Will you be running 3840x2160@30Hz or 60Hz?
            • Since you plan to have a display wall, I assume you will group all 6x displays via Eyefinity, right?
            • What is your OS?
            • Which DELL Precision do you have?
            • What are you planning to display on your display wall? Using what application?