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fps issue and low gpu usage with 18.5.1 / 18.5.2 and rx580 several games affected

Question asked by bilchjan on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by konigdernoobs



since i updated my drivers to 18.5.x i got low fps (25-33) in dota2. while my gpu is idling at 300 MHz clock speed.

usually i am able to get around 120 fps at 2560x1440 and max details with shadows at the second highest setting.

reinstalling the driver (either by updating or removing it and reinstalling it) fixes the issue until the next reboot.

resetting or deactivating the game profile does not do anything, neither does changing the render api to either dx9 or vulcan.

edit: while i noted the issue with dota2, i now checked doom, which was running maxed out at around 100 fps and 2560x1440

and where i can now just get 17-20 fps.

moar edit: reverting to 18.3.4 seems to have fixed it.



gpu model: gigabyte aorus rx580 8gb

desktop pc

windows 10 64 bit 1803 version

radeon software adrenalin edition 18.5.1

display asus MG279Q at 144Hz / freesync depending on what im running

board: gigabyte Z77-DS3H bios F11a

cpu intel i5 3570K

psu antec earthwatts platinum 550W

16 gb ram