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Blender - Question from production

Question asked by on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by fcgrreat

Hi all Guys, and hi Bsavery, since we're trying to do a short film rendered with your engine, and we bought also some amd including a Pro Duo Polaris, here a few question:


1) there is something in ProRender  like POINTINESS in Cycle?

2) We cant find any Ambient Occlusion material node. Is there any node we miss out? we wish to use it as mask for some dirt and dust for example

3) how can we change the value of ambient occlusion render mode or pass? i mean the classic value like distance, strenght etc etc .. 

4) how to BAKE AO or texture in general?

5) is possible to have Wireframe pass not in triangle, but just using quads and ngon?


Thanks a lot for now, i will come back for sure with another question while doing the job.


Massimo Moneta

VFX supervisor



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