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HD 4350 verifying hardware compatiblity for HDMI

Question asked by gle3 on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by pokester

Just got a 4350 second hand for an old Thinkcentre desktop that was collecting dust.  Its the Visiontek PCI-e X1 one with a DMS-59 connection.  I have the DVI splitter mounted and what I believe to be a verified ATI DVI to HDMI adapter mounted on the monitor '1' leg of the splitter.  Adapter is numbered 6140063501G.  Then whatever HDMI cable I had laying around the house I connected to that and to my Panasonic TV.


Does this sound like hardware that would get the job done?  Right now all I am getting is a black screen but I can verify windows 7 is booting cause I hear the chimes from the desktops onboard speaker.  I am pretty sure there are other adapters out there so if I had an issue my guess would be that..  Could someone confirm?  Thanks!