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Intel’s New 1-Watt Display Panels Could Revolutionize Battery Life

Question asked by kingfish on Jun 11, 2018
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Over the last decade, CPU manufacturers have spent an enormous amount of time and effort reducing overall power consumption. This effort has paid huge dividends, with modern chips capable of power-sipping modes that older ARM and x86 cores could never match. In fact, CPU power consumption has been optimized to the point that other aspects of the system now account for a higher percentage of overall power consumption — a fact Intel hopes to change with its push into building new, ultra-low power displays with overall panel power consumption as low as 1 watt.

Intel has partnered with Innolux and Sharp to develop Low Power Display Technology, a new technique that reduces overall panel and backlight power draw by 50 percent, from 2W to 1W. Those gains might not seem like much, but cutting power consumption by a watt could extend battery life by 4-8 hours according to Josh Newman, the general manager of mobile innovation for Intel. In a conversation with PCWorld, Newman claimed laptops that already hit 12 hours of battery life could reach 20 hours with display optimization.

Article: Intel's New 1-Watt Display Panels Could Revolutionize Battery Life - ExtremeTech