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Help me Mr. Spock. athlon x4 845 freezing screen resetting computer( find me a logical answer)

Question asked by asarov on Jun 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by asarov

I installed x4 845 cpu. and installed windows 10. Now the computer is freezing and resetting( non responsive mouse behaviour. )

previously on my system I had a4  6300 apu . In that times there is no problem with my computer. I tried  to install x4 845 with different cooler and got same problem. finally   I return back to my old cpu(a4 6300). Mem test 86 gives no error with my ram(12 gb ram). My gpu quadro p600.

psu 400w

motherboard asus a68hm-k

cpu Athlon x4 845

ram 4gb + 8gb (hi level)

that is my system.

I tried to install with only one ram but same problem arised again. for god's sake, someone please help me.