AMD and AI

Discussion created by seanc4s on Jun 9, 2018
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I think you should have a general AI forum where people can post general ideas and algorithms about AI.  Like the one Numenta have, not one as closed down and excluding like Intel's forums. 

I would suggest that AMD look at the Walsh Hadamard transform algorithm.  You can use it for fast random projections, associative memory, extreme learning machines and reservoir computing. That is a range of things and it is one way AMD could differentiate itself from the crowd.

In the end AMD could even do specialized hardware for the algorithm.  In the integer form it only requires patterns of addition, subtraction and barrel shifts.  No multiplications.  That would be very economical in transistor count and power consumption. 

At least you should do optimal library code for the algorithm and ancillary things like re-computable random sign flip. And then mention the algorithms in some of your documentation.

Random Projection AI