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When will AMD get a stable and reliable driver for those with Ryzen 3 and 5 APUs? The new 18.5.1 driver broke so much and the last stable driver is no longer working with most of my games. I get messed up colors, textures , and shaders. If any game i have uses Unity forget it bc the newest driver update screwed those games over. When I went back to my previous driver I get all sorts of messed up images. All i can think thats causing the previous driver to mess up is the newest windows update build bc thats the only other thing on my pc that changed. Im running A Ryzen 3 with the Vega 8 on a AB350 ASrock MOBO with 2 sticks of 8GB RAM. I use to be able to play all my games no problems now a day doesnt go by where im getting crashes, green screens, messed up colors etc. etc. This is not okay! I did not pay hundreds of $$$ for AMD to not get a fix out in a timely manner. Were going on 3 weeks now of issues. AMD get your self together and get fixes out there for your products. As of now the best solution I have is buying a new CPU and GPU thats not AMD bc I sure had way less problems and a heck of a lot more support from other companies on there products. I knew I was taking a risk getting the Ryzen but damn I didnt think it was going to be this bad. Months go by with no updates and then you put out a new driver and its awful. Come on do better!!!!