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Ryzen 2400g no screen/boot (bios updated)

Question asked by quintjustus on Jun 9, 2018

So i Updated to bios to 23F (the latest version), and downloaded windows etc., but after 1 day when i desided to put the case on (node 304) my ryzen refused to give a screen. Then i tried reinstalling the a6 9500 (thanks amd) and that worked. So i reinstaled the ryzen chip but still nothing. then i cleared CMOs (battery and jumper) and finnaly got a screen and booted into windows. Then when i shut the system down it didn't give a screen anymore. I have tried clearing Cmos again (over a dozen times) and still don't get a screen. Amd has closed the ticket after 8 days dispite saying that they would keep it open for 10 days. In 2 days i have to ship the boot kit back and i don't know what to do,can you please help? system: ab350n-gaming wifi              ryzen 2400g              patriot 2x4 3000mhz              kinston 240Gb              random 500w 80+ bronze powersuply