Freesync Support added to Samsung 2018 QLED line.

Discussion created by ajlueke on Jun 7, 2018
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  AMD nudges FreeSync into the living room on select Samsung QLED TV models | PC Gamer


While I had hoped that AMD would follow NVidia's BFGD reveal with TV sized monitors of their own, I guess Freesync strait to TVs is okay.  The downside with televisions is that they include proprietary "smart" software and tuners that are unnecessary and wasted money is you are hooking up a PC.  They also tend to lack DisplayPort and have more limited refresh rates that PC monitors.


At 1080p the sets support Freesync ranges of 48-120Hz, while 48-60 is supported at 4K.  That is an awfully narrow range at 4K.  Sure, it is difficult to drive a 4K display above 60fps with a single AMD GPU (or any GPU), but a freesync range of 12HZ?  The displays already support 24 Hz content for movies so I was hoping this would be a bit lower.  Either way, living room gaming is on the upswing!