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Hey, i have a problem with my 1950x Threadripper OC...

Question asked by kimzen on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by misterj

Hey, i have a problem with my 1950x Threadripper... i've tried overclocking it throu Bios (4Ghz OC all cores) and throu Ryzen Master (Gaming mode with different clockspeeds, not any new profiles) but now i've ended up with something strange... i've removed my BIOS OC, and my Ryzen master OC.. but now it stays at 3,7 in normal speed... and boosts up to about 4,1 ~ ... shouldnt it be at 3,4 if no OC is applied as base?  same with my Ryzen Masters.. i tried to reset the Gaming profile that i've been using from time to time to "Software OC" . but even that profile goes to 3,7 baseclock whenever i try to "reset" the profile and sometimes it gets stuck at 3,7 and wont Boost at all.... shouldnt that also be 3,4 baseclock and go up to around 4,1? well..


I'm lost...please help   /cry


i just want it back to normal now...


Thanks in advance..!


/Kim G