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Radeon Pro Duo 8G Problem

Question asked by igrika on Jun 6, 2018
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There is a problem and I do not know where to turn.

There are two cards Radeon Pro Duo 8G HBM, both with a similar problem, buggy GPU2 At the slightest load. 3DMark when you run the test (disables the screen and) produces a zero result with an error:

File: dx_device.cpp Line: 1279 Function: class eva::graphics::native_buffer __cdecl eva::graphics::dx::dx_device::create_buffer(enum eva::graphics::resource_memory,const struct eva::graphics::buffer_desc &,enum eva::graphics::resource_state,const struct eva::graphics::subresource_data *) Expression: m_native->CreateCommittedResource( &heap_props, D3D12_HEAP_FLAG_NONE, &native_desc, native_state, nullptr, IID_PPV_ARGS(&resource)): DirectX call failed [-2005270523]. : ID3D12Device::CreateCommittedResource (Buffer):


Please tell me where to address this problem and how to treat


P.S. The card never warmed above 65 Celsius, was used exclusively for games


System Windows 10, 64 bit, Driver: 18.5.1