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    Rx570 8G Signal loss.


      Hey guys i have an issue with this Gpu, when im playing AAA games and i have to close the game or switching windows (Alt+Tab) sometimes i got loss signal, and i used to restart the pc to recover the signal, but now i find out when that happens again that  disconecting and reconecting the HDMI cable the signal comes back  without restart the pc, i have msi afterburner to see the temp of the gpu and i think its working normal with those games, its around 65-78 degrees celcius. any one have the same problem or the solution?


      My pc spec is:

      Cpu: A10 7870 3.9

      Ram: 16Gb Adata xpg 1600

      Mb: GA-F2A68HM Gigabyte.

      Tv: Lg 43" UHD.

      PS: 650w