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    SPECviewperf13 on Radeopn Pro WX4100


      I updated to this version from 12.1 and experience the Creo-02 locking up while the rest of test: 3dsmax-06, catia-05, maya-05, medical-02,showcase-02, snx-03 and sw-04 ran better than on SPECviewpref12.1. I got sent an email to support@spec.org on the matter and got a reply that it may be the driver, so this will be a FYI.

      My specs:

      Asrock AB350 PRO4

      AMD Ryzen 1700X stock settings

      AMD Radeon PRO WX4100 4GDDR5 on Professional mode 18.Q2.1

      GSKILL 32 GB DDR4 RIPJAWS 5 (16x2)

      Intel P600 NVme

      Antec True Power Classic Gold 550W

      W10 1803



      regards -