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After 18.5.2 update, black/blue lines randomly appear on screen (in CS:GO)

Question asked by zairen on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2018 by zairen

Graphics card: R9 380

Processor: I58600k

OS: Win10 64


I had this problem a couple weeks ago on 18.4.1, where horizontal lines would randomly appear over the entire screen, just flickering at random times while not affecting the game. Using DDU and reinstalling drivers (while not updating to 18.4.1) fixed the problem, but after yesterday's update it has started happening again (now even in the community browser menu in CS:GO). Blue lines appear exclusively ingame, while black lines appear in the menu. It's a huge nuisance and I would like to fix it immmediately.


I've tried reverting back to 18.4.1 to no avail. (same for 18.5.1). Played Fortnite and didn't notice it there, but last time it happened it only affected CS:GO.