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    falla de imagen


      Hola. Quisiera una respuesta urgente. Hace 15 Dias en una Tienda me recomendaron armar las pc con las siguientes características.

        • Procesador Amd Ryzen 3 2200g, 3.50ghz,
        • Motherboard Gigabyte Ga-a320-s2h,
        • 2 Memoria 4gb Crucial 2400mhz Ddr4 que hacen 8gb
        • Disco Duro Toshiba, 1tb, Sata 6.0 Gb/ S, 7200 Rpm, 3.5".
        • Case Fanatic FNT 8000 02 Cooler Micronics 400W.
        • Monitor Teros TE-215FH, 21.5” 1920x1080.

      El problema es que hice armar 7 pc y tiene una falla nada común es que la pantalla se pone en negro uno diario variando aveces dos una vez en la mañana y otro en la tarde y tengo que reiniciarlo forzoso para que vuelva a funcionar. Quisiera que me den su opinión si a alguien le sucedió de cual puede estar fallando ya que la tienda de donde lo compre no puede detectarlo. Espero su respuesta gracias.

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          english pls


          btw - first boot ALWAYS with HDMI - than you wont have a black screen

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            Translated for you, please try to use English language:
            The problem is that I did build 7 pc and has a common failure is that the screen goes black one day changing sometimes two times in the morning and one in the afternoon and I have to restart it to make it work again.
            I would like you to give me your opinion if someone happened to you which may be failing since the store where you buy it from can not detect it. I await your answer thank you.

            Let me understand if i got you correctly:
            -You assembled 7 pc with a 2400G, the same Ga-a320-s2h, win10 and they exhibit all the same issue?
            -From the video i noticed that the screen is already black, the pc crashed to a black screen and you need to reboot manually to make it work?
            -Did this happen only when the pc goes into sleep mode or it happen also when you are gaming, surfing?

            I would advice you to:

            -Update you APU drivers to the latest AMD 18.5.2, cleaning the previous AMD drivers installed with DDU.

            -Be sure to have updated the motherboard bios to the latest.

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                the problem is the same for all PCs, especially when it is playing, the image disappears and turns black as in the video. Thanks for your advice.

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                    If the issue is the same on all the pc, i would think it's more a software issue rather than a hardware issue.
                    Be sure to have everything updated, OS, drivers, bios.
                    Let me know if the problem persist after you checked that everything is up date.
                    You are welcome, saluti.