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Destiny 2 crashes A LOT and idk if the driver is the issue

Question asked by asterisk on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by goodplay

So before I start this I just wanna say I'm relatively new to PC so I dont know all the fancy numbers and the specs on my PC but I can look it up, so my problem is that when I load into Destiny 2 its fine for like 20min but no matter what I do, even if I'm doing nothing be it, PVE (Player vs Everyone) or PVP (Player vs Player) it still crashes after 20min EVERYTIME. I bought this game a week ago and it was fine but now a week later it just crashes a lot. Also when I play other games they NEVER EVER crash, Destiny 2 is the first game since I bought this PC to crash so much, as of writing this while playing other games I got 0 crashes and TODAY ALONE Destiny 2 crashed 20 time no joke I counted them. I cant even do the raids cause of this problem and the error I get in-game is called broccoli which is a problem with the drivers but my drivers are up to date.  If someone could help it would be GREATLY appreciated.