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    How can I repport the following issues I have to AMD? I have issues with my laptop's screen every time the graphics card driver gets updated


      Hello. I would like to repport to AMD the issues I've been having with my laptop every time the AMD graphics card gets a driver update, wether it be that I can't change the screen brightness, or that I can't activate or work with some screen options. With every driver update something goes wrong and I have to be constantly checking on forums and trying several solutions in order to be able to change the brightness of the screen or activating the night light mode (system restore, changing to an older driver, and so on; and with major OS updates it gets even worse).


      These specifications have been taken from the AMD Radeon Settings (they're in Spanish):


      Versión de software de Radeon - 18.5.1

      Edición de software de Radeon - Adrenalin

      Versión de Windows - Windows 10 (64 bit)

      Memoria del sistema - 12 GB

      Tipo de CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz

      Versión de configuración de Radeon - 2018.0516.1451.24901

      Versión del paquete de controladores - 18.10.16-180516a-328911C-RadeonSoftwareAdrenalin

      Proveedor - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

      Versión de controlador 2D -

      Direct3D® Version -

      OpenGL® Version -

      OpenCL™ Version - 24.20.11016.4

      Versión AMD Mantle -

      Versión de API AMD Mantle - 102400

      Versión del controlador de audio de AMD - Not Available

      Vulkan™ Driver Version - 2.0.20

      Vulkan™ API Version - 1.1.70

      Fabricante de tarjeta gráfica - Powered by AMD

      Chipset gráfico - AMD Radeon R9 M200X Series

      ID del dispositivo - 6823

      ID del proveedor - 1002

      ID de subsistema - F945

      ID del proveedor de subsistema - 1179

      ID de revisión - 00

      Tipo de bus - PCI Express 3.0

      Configuración actual de bus - PCI Express 3.0 x8

      Versión del BIOS -

      Número de parte de BIOS - 113enus.C04

      Fecha de BIOS - 2014/01/08 16:55

      Tamaño de memoria - 2048 MB

      Tipo de memoria - GDDR5

      Reloj de memoria - 1000 MHz

      Reloj central - 625 MHz

      Ancho de banda total de memoria - 64 GByte/s

      Velocidad de bits de memoria - 4.00 Gbps

      Ruta de archivo de controlador 2D - /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/Class/{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}/0001


      The solution I tried today and that worked is specified in the Option n° 4 of the following link (in Spanish): https://answers.microsoft.com/es-es/windows/forum/windows_10-hardware/windows-10-solución-de-problemas-para-el/9350e2d9-000b-4c73-8504-7328426dec3d  

      This involved installing a generic driver via the Windows Device Manager. It did worked but now the brightness instead of being displayed in percentages is now shown with words ("brighter", "recommended", and I don't know if that means that I got the correct driver or not).


      Months ago another solution worked, which involved reverting back to an older driver (which caused a minor issue, which was that the graphics card temperature was shown above 500°C in the software Piriform Speccy, which shows the specifications of the computer, I know this one may not be an issue at all, but on several forums I read that the incorrect temperature shown was due to the graphics card driver).


      I'm posting this here as on the AMD support it says that it is only to repport issues that can be consistently reproduced, and now I don't have the will to try this again, I mean, I have to do this with each update, look for forum help, try several solutions and so on, I gets incredibly tiresome.


      Any kind of help will be appreciated.