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    How to install driver for E8860 on CentOS 7


      Hello everybody,


      I have a E8860 embedded radeon card. I need to install this on CentOS 7.

      I tried to install several drivers, each time on a new system, but with no luck so far.

      I tried to follow the Red Hat Enterprise Linux - cchtml.com

      I tried to install: 15.101.1007, 15.101.1001 and 14.502.1015 as well.


      At my latest install I have a fglrx module loaded, but I can't start X server.

      The error message from Xorg.0.log file is:

      Loading extension GLX


      Fatal server error:

      (EE) xf86OpenConsole: VT_ACTIVATE failed: No such device or address


      Does some one successfully installed Linux driver for this or similar card on CentOS 7?


      Any help/ tip would be great :-)