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    AMD Update?


      Windows Update on my Win 7 Ultimate x64 machine is showing an optional update "Advanced Micro Devices - System - 4/17/2018 12:00:00 AM -".

      Can't find any information on this update.  Anyone know what this is for?

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          Unable to find out that particular version for April 17, 2018 Windows Update. But you may want to install it since it may prevent future AMD Drivers from working correctly if not installed. By the version, it seems to be a newly created AMD driver for some new component you have on your motherboard.If it should cause problems you can alway uninstall it from Control Panel later on.

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              j0hnmsch, it is hard to speculate when you tell us so little about your system.  Please Google  It suggests to me that it is a HDMI driver update.  Please give us some more information on your system and see if you can determine what HDMI driver version you have (too long from W7 for me to help).  Please go to support.amd.com and get the latest Chipset drivers for your system.  Click on drivers then use the manual method. Enjoy, John.