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2600x high voltage on idle (no OC) how to fix high idle temperatures?

Question asked by pixelcowboy on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by pixelcowboy

2600x with a x470 itx Asrock Motherboard with good airflow. H7 Cryorig Cooler.

Getting temperatures on idle of about 45-55 degrees. The culprit seems to be high voltage by default, seeing 1.4 on average on idle. Power plan is Windows Balanced. If I set power saver plan voltage goes to 1v and temperatures come down to a reasonable range (30-35 degrees). I don't want to set a fixed voltage because I want the processor to be able to ramp up to maximum speeds, but not sure why I'm not seeing it downvolt when idle. Asrock BIOS is at stock settings with no overclock. Same case and fans with the same cooler idled at around 30-35 with an i7 6700. Repasted cooler multiple times, so that is not the issue. Can confirm it's the continuos high voltage.