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    Information Required for Boot Kit


      Hello all! I am here because I’m a little concerned about what I sent to to the automated AMD email asking for more information (pictures, etc.)

      I sent in a picture of the actual processor with all numbers and words on it very easy to make out; As well as an image of the invoice from Amazon. I also sent in an image of the box my motherboard had come from- I’m not 100% sure if I included everything I should have- but moreso I’m worried about whether I did it in the right format as well (in terms of leaving the ticket number and such? I just replied with Gmail’s automated way of “saving” the last email sent- I am not sure if I had to copy and paste the serial number from the last email?)

      If anyone can check on this it would give me a lot of peace and avoid more issues; The information at the top of the automated email is:

      SR #{ticketno:[8200813768]}

      I’m simply trying to make sure things go smoothly in order to have the build ready for my brother’s birthday.

      Thank you.