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    Threadripper 1950x liquid metal ?


      Hi folks,


      I was wondering if liquid metal can be applied on the 1950x, like say Conductonaut?


      In other words is the IHS or lid made of aluminum?

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          According to this Reddit thread, the Ryzen Threadripper lid is made of aluminium and you shouldn't use Conductonaut on it. : https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/8779mc/do_not_use_liquid_metal_or_conductonaut_on_a/ .


          Copied from above link Post question:


          Google Photos image link: Nasty!


          This is after 2 weeks of usage. I noticed my temps were getting worse and worse, and correctly suspecting the conductonaut TIM I broke it down. If you look closely you can see the pitting from the gallium eating into the IHS.

          Warranty status: Voided.

          To fix this, I used 000 steel wool to clean as much liquid metal as possible off the IHS and heat sink, and then used a rubbing compound to try and shine them both up.

          After some elbow grease and lots of nervous sweat, I cleaned both surfaces with alcohol and applied Kryonaut instead. Much better temps!

          The threadripper IHS's must contain a great deal of tin, which reacts to gallium. That or it's some kind of aluminum alloy, in which case in 2 more weeks my temps are going to get worse again as the corrosion continues.

          I'm considering lapping my block and IHS. We'll see.

          TLDR: Gallium + aluminum = Horrifying. Gallium + Tin = Also horrifying, but not as horrifying. Do not use liquid metal (or conductonaut) or any other gallium based thermal interface material on a threadripper IHS.

          Edit: I've contacted AMD, and they say the IHS is made of aluminum.