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R9 390 Nitro black screen

Question asked by amoc on Jun 4, 2018

Hi All!


I have this GPU since 1-2 year and had never any problem. Since about 1 week have black screen after random time, during i play(its games that i play since 2-3 Years, mostly Strategygames like HOI4 or EU4). More information and stuff that i try so far :


-I check temperatures, its about 60-70 Celsius.

-Upgrade any possible stuff "AFTER" i begin to get black screens. OS, GPU Driver etc.(i always upgrade manuell...never change runnig system )

-I didn´t change any thing. Not new program, not new Hardware.

-Never overcloack GPU or CPU



My system :


Sapphire R9 390 NITRO 8 MB

12 GB Ram

Win 10 Pro 64bit

ASrock H67M-GE

450W Powersuply