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r7 265 upgrade

Question asked by websitesbymark on Jun 4, 2018

I bought my desktop in 2014 (i5) and for a period of time was happy with the included r7 265.


Use at the time was just web development.


After reading some information I removed the card and did not really see a drop in performance of the machine.


Since then I wanted to go and use some more graphics intensive applications and either due to the card being damaged or Windows 10, it just won't work.


I'm therefore looking for something to replace it.


I need to drive two monitors and will be using Photoshop for large graphics files (print) and looking to do some 3d modelling and rendering (this is likely to be light as anything serious will be rendered in the cloud)


I'm in the UK and have looked on Ebuyer and PC world and to be honest I have no way of gauging what sort of card would be appropriate (Don't want to spend lots on the card, but no idea if the new crop of real budget cards will outperformm will our perform.)