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    MSI RX 460 2GB OC no signal


      So, i bought a rx 460 about a year ago, and i've never been able to use since it doesnt give me signal on my monitor, i learned alot about graphics and things like that, and now windows boots and all of that but still gives me no signal.


      PC specs:


      MB: Asrock H81M - VG4 R2.0

      Processor: i3 4170 3.7 ghz

      Ram: 4gb ddr3

      Current graphics card: r7 240 2gb (works fine)

      Storage: Kingston 240g SSD Sata III

      PSU: Corsair VS550 80+ (bought it not even a month ago)


      I tried to connect the graphics to a couple of televisions with hdmi (both my little one in my room, and the big one in the living room).


      What i tried to do but didnt work:

      - take the ram off and put it back on;

      - installed the bios drivers;

      - fresh windows install (always updating the bios);

      - used DDU (which made the computer turn on and boot to windows, but still no signal)

      - bought a new psu because my old one wasnt that good so i just bought the current one;

      - bought a display adaptor since my monitor only supports vga, the adaptor is an active one;

      - removed the mb battery waited for 10 minutes and reinstalled it again.


      didnt want to buy a monitor, since even if i would have bought one already, an r7 240 cant handle gaming at 1080p that well.


      If anyone there's anyone that can help me, i would greatly take the help.

        • Re: MSI RX 460 2GB OC no signal

          So, im able to use the gpu now, what i did was simply turn the igpu setting (computer can be used with both external and internal graphics) and switch from pci express lane to on board gpu as the main graphics, and simply use the cable on the external gpu, it works for me without any frame drops, and even if it wasnt plug and play i managed to do something and get it to work, hope i could help anyone with a similar problem.