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After installing the latest AMD adrenaline software update for graphics it now doesn't work

Question asked by spencedavison on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2018 by kingfish

This has happened to my system before with AMD GPU Software updates. The downloading process removes old software during installation but then the software will not initiate as a pop up shows " The AMD software is not working and indows will try to find a solution" or something like that. Meanwhile I have no Eye infinity as the settings have been removed via the update. And trying to reinstall the previous edit software from "downloads file" now gives the same result, Nothing !!!

I am running Windows 7

GPU Radeon R9

intel i5 7th gen

solutions please............

I have uninstalled the new software and deleted from programs and features all AMD files.

i have reinstalled the 2017 update from AMD Radeon I think Crimson or it could be the previous adrenaline software. (Sorry for being a bit vague as typing this on iPad and not I front of the desktop simulator which is what I am referring to)

Thanks in advance for any solutions.