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I can't update my AMD R7 M265 drivers on Windows 10

Question asked by noobianking on Jun 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2018 by kingfish

I have WIN 10, build 1803 (updated on the 03/05/2018 I have had the same problem from the time I installed WIN 10 though) running on an ACER Aspire V5 with an Intel Core i7 4500U, every-time I try to install updated AMD drivers (tried VER. 16/ 17 & 18 both Full & Simple installs with both the auto detect & the manual select opts) my PC freezes and crashes (it used to give me the BSOD but now it gives me a Black screen (sometimes or just freezes until I have to power off manually) and I have to restore from restore point (after losing data the 1st few times I learnt to create a point before attempting an install) it got to a point where I just gave up and left it on VER. 15 but I finally saved up enough money to buy BF1! So I installed the game ran the patch update and...nothing. I can't play it because I need to upgrade my AMD drivers to VER 16 or later. So here I am looking for some help and feeling unhappy towards the Co. whose GFX card (AMD RADEON R7 M265) I have in my laptop. Any help is greatly appreciated. In case this is of some relevance, a majority of the games wouldn't detect the GFX card (which is why I have been trying to install the AMD Catalyst ware in the 1st place (even before the BF1 issue)) which led me to discovering Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth (which helped in making the card visible (after this I was able to play some of my new titles like RotTR, TW3 and FC4 to name a few) but did not fix the outdated driver issues unfortunately) I hope I have included everything to help you help me.