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    AMD sata controler


      Hi All,


      I want to update my AMD sata controler drives, From which link I can download this drive? How to find correct AMD sata controller details?

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          If you are using Windows 10, we use the Microsoft provided Sata driver so there is no driver to download.

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            I was also using AMD SATA Controller driver but since it was over three years old, I uninstalled and delete it from my computer and allowed Windows 10 newest version to install. Having had any problems at all. Ignore the 2006 year on it. If you look at the version, it is the same version as your Current WIndows OS.


            The driver that was installed and took the place of AMD SATA was "Standard SATA AHCI Controller with the following Version :10.0.17134.1.

            My Windows OS Version is : 17134.81

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