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    RX 580 keep crashing


      So i recently build my new pc. My specs;

      GIGABYTE AMD Radeon RX 580 8Gb

      ASUS PRIME B250M-K motherboard

      INTEL Core i5 7600K

      CRUCIAL Ballistix Sport LT 8 Gb RAM x2

      And from day one i had this problem. After some time i get weird diagonal red strips and my pc reboots. I asked my friend who work with computers (software and hardware) and i even somehow manage to recreate this to show him. He said it was something with my GPU not driver. And i also updated and reinstalled all graphical drivers.

      So what are the solutions? Im thinking to lower clock speed but is there any other way? I still got my warranty, but my friend recommended me to find a way to 100% crash pc or they can refuse to change my graphics car.

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          Go onto the Gigabyte website and file an RMA with support. If the card is still covered under warranty they cannot refuse to replace the card if you can confirm that the card is not working correctly with drivers installed. It could be corrupt video memory which is certainly covered under manufacturer warranty.