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    Drivers AMD graphics card black screen rx470


      Hello, I have problems on windows 7 and 10

      the problem is turning off the monitor screen in
      some games and music in games is
      I'm doing it on an HDMI cable, I can not connect another one because the monitor does not allow it


      thoroughly switches off some part of the game in various places, so you can not do anything but just reset the computer

      on these controllers, everything works normally


      there is a problem on the new ones

      and here is a list of games that have a black screen after some playing time

      Far cry 3

      Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

      Ancestors Legacy




      my computer set


      MSI B350 PC MATE

      Ryzen 1600

      rx470 4GB STRIX Gaming

      16 gb ddr4 2400mhz GOOD RAM

      MONITOR 27 LG27MA43  HDMI


      I am asking for drivers to be repaired because the old ones do not have many functions