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    Resolution 1366x768 no longer available after install of 18.5.2 Adrenaline




      I recently updated my AMD drivers to the 18.5.2 version. After the install, I realized I could not put my screen to it's native resolution of 1366x768. Are there any solutions to this? As an aside, going back to 18.3.2 fixes the problem but I would like to keep the updated drivers if possible.


      I have an AMD rx460

      and the screen is a Sylvania 32".

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          Sounds like a bug in the latest AMD Driver. Best bet is to make a AMD REPORT ISSUE from here: AMD Issue Reporting Form . This way AMD Support will become aware of the bug and hopefully make a fix. Or you can open a Support EMAIL Ticket from here : Email Form . Most likely they will respond by saying to use the last known driver that works correctly. The first link you won't get a response but will let AMD Support know there is a problem. The email you will probably get a response.


          Meanwhile I would keep using driver 18.3.2 until AMD issues a fix in a future driver. There is another thread with the same or similar problem.


          If you really need to have the latest driver installed for some program to work, then as a work around, you might want to download and use Custom Resolution Utility to restore the missing resolution on your computer. It is a tiny program but quite useful. If it doesn't work then you will be stuck with 18.3.2 driver until a future update fixes the problem.


          Edit: What does Windows Settings show under DISPLAY as for your monitor's Resolution range with the latest AMD Driver installed?  If Radeon Settings is not showing 1366 x 768 resolution see if it is showing under Windows Settings - Display. If it is, click on the correct resolution and see if the monitor changes to it. If it becomes black. Wait a few seconds and it should go back to the original resolution if it doesn't work correctly at 1366 x 768.