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How to get the exact name of an AMD GPU ?

Question asked by kenshin9977 on Jun 1, 2018



My problem is with AMD GPU because a given one is listed by the serie's name and not his exact name.

For instance, an R9 270 will appear as an "AMD Radeon R9 200 Series". In some cases it won't be accurate enough to know if the GPU is VCE capable.

I'm currently using the following command to check the GPUs available on the system :

wmic path win32_VideoController get name

Is there any way to get the exact name ?


I want to create a script on Windows in order to automatically detect if there is any ASIC for video encoding that is available on the system.

For NVENC and QSV it was pretty easy since every model clearly indicates what it can and can't do plus there is a full list of the name on Wikipedia. From there it's only a match between ASIC capable HW and the GPU(s) on the system.


Thank you in advance for your answers.