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Windows 7 and FreeSync on GL702ZC (RX 580)

Question asked by rembro on Jun 1, 2018


Is there any drivers for RX 580 for Windows 7 with support of GL702ZC FreeSync display?

I was trying many versions etc but nothing. Earlier (for Windows 10) it was possible to manualy choose (TM) RX 580 from packages, not the simple RX 580 variant. But on Windows 7 it says "that driver not supported by OS". If I'm doing clean express install of any Radeon software (old/new/any version for Win7) the FreeSync is not available.


Any solution? Maybe there is a way to "hard install" drivers for Win10 on Win7 (OEM by Asus)?


It's really sad because everything else forking just fine...