Graphic issues

Discussion created by rx-580 on May 31, 2018
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Radeon RX 580 4GB. Games began to slow down, there were problems with graphics. Screenshots from Blackwake:1527230924_Снимок%20экрана%20(10).pngA89834CA6B19177F28118B3A5FD33A0A93D082CE.pngD165EB59BF59EBA22E9511DB0B131B1E3215F628.pngB715FEC4D6600ECC9A1E77DA9F2D12D09A86A851.png

The processor (GPU) is 100% running, while the frequency remains minimal. 3DMark Tyme Spy screenshots:

Снимок экрана (11).pngСнимок экрана (13).pngIMG_20180531_142934.jpgIMG_20180531_142938.jpgIMG_20180531_145117_LI.jpgСнимок экрана (14).pngСнимок экрана (17).pngСнимок экрана (27).png