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    Graphic issues


      Radeon RX 580 4GB. Games began to slow down, there were problems with graphics. Screenshots from Blackwake:1527230924_Снимок%20экрана%20(10).pngA89834CA6B19177F28118B3A5FD33A0A93D082CE.pngD165EB59BF59EBA22E9511DB0B131B1E3215F628.pngB715FEC4D6600ECC9A1E77DA9F2D12D09A86A851.png

      The processor (GPU) is 100% running, while the frequency remains minimal. 3DMark Tyme Spy screenshots:

      Снимок экрана (11).pngСнимок экрана (13).pngIMG_20180531_142934.jpgIMG_20180531_142938.jpgIMG_20180531_145117_LI.jpgСнимок экрана (14).pngСнимок экрана (17).pngСнимок экрана (27).png

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          do you OC your GPU RAM?
          do you have a faulty CPU OC?
          or to tight timings for your RAM?


          those can create the problem shown in first picture (ingame)


          what temps for your HW? also where you live - here in Berlin its 33°C now - so my FX-9590 brings cozy 39°C in my PC room

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            No more trouble. I updated the chipset drivers and set the power mode to Balanced for AMD Ryzen ( before that was Balanced )https://community.amd.com/community/gaming/blog/2017/04/06/amd-ryzen-community-update-3. 3DMark tests and games came back to normal.

            IMG_20180601_013947.jpgСнимок экрана (30).pngСнимок экрана (31).pngСнимок экрана (32)_LI.jpg

            But before that, I played the Balanced mode for several months and there was no such problem. Maybe it was affected by the update of the windows (I have windows 10 )

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              Can you give us the entire rig specs please?
              First of all, your gpu seems have some memory or textures issue, if i'm not wrong.
              These kind of artefact happen when something is wrong with the memory usually.


              Second you gpu seems to throttle, the clocks are stuck to 300Mhz, hence the low 3DMark score.
              The gpu T° is not so high, still the gpu is running very low speed, hope the fans are spinning well.


              So you have a strange issue here, please check:
              If the gpu is well sit into the motherboard pci-e.
              Check if there is some dust into the fan/heatsink.
              Check the power connector plug and the PSU.
              Download DDU and clean the AMD drivers, with the safe mode option if possible, then reinstall the 18.5.1 or 18.5.2.


              Dunno, strange issue can't say if it is a hardware and/or power issue or a driver issue.