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Video TDR failure and green pixels all over the screen

Question asked by josan420 on Jun 1, 2018
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Hi everyone.

I was using my laptop and suddenly i noticed some pixel problem qnd after about an half hour laptop ahutdown with blie screen of death showing Video TDR Failure message.

When I restarted pc i see only green pixels all over the screen with black background. I can.t see anything else on the screen except logo "Vaio" in white color and mouse cursor also in white color.

I dont see anything else on the screen just green pixels and black background. I have tried to restore pc to a week earlier but it didnt soved the problem. I tried to boot pc in safe mode but still all i see is green pixels. Than i tried to reinstall windows using startup repair system of windows. During the reinstall process i saw the black pocels on blue background.

As it required alot of time so i left my laptop and when i returned back i saw again same problem. Now windows is not even able to boot or i dont see anything. I keep getting blie screen of death.

I have a amd Radeon 7800 (not sure exact card) as graphic card