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        Can anyone help?

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            Hi captainandy


            First you must confirm that your motherboard has the latest BIOS version installed, for the Prime B250M-A is currently version 1205, if not, flash it and I recommend you perform a clear CMOS before updating your BIOS, in the Manual User of your motherboard and Google you'll find a lot of information that how to clear CMOS.


            Secondly, with all default settings in BIOS try to boot your system, if the problems continue, restart the system and enter the BIOS configuration and look for:


            - CSM (Compatibility Support Module), usually it's enabled by default settings in BIOS, try to dissable it and look


            - Integrated Graphics Processor- Intel® HD Graphics support, it is the graphic chip integrated in your motherboard, search the configuration section and disable it or select the system's graphic boot option through PCIE, which is where your W4100 it's installed and look




            if the problems continue… sorry, I do not think I'll help you anymore


            Luck and regards