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Office (Excel) freezes + AMD radeon HD 7650M driver

Question asked by felipex on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by kingfish

When he opened the excel application, a blank form, I try to work on it but it stays frozen, when I minimize it the changes are shown but it is not possible to work.


This happens to me with the entire Office 2016 suite.


By disabling the AMD radeon HD 7650M video card Excel works perfectly.


What have I tried?


I tried several solutions that I found on a Microsoft website but none worked.


Reinstall windows 7 completely, it was not solved either.


Contact the support of MS Office and the 5 agents 1 managed to solve the problem, but the solution lasted 3 days and then it went wrong again.





Is there an alternative to update the AMD radeon HD 7650M driver?





Computador: DELL Vostro

Windows 7

AMD radeon HD 7650M