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What if I ignore New CPU installed…message

Question asked by einfomail on May 31, 2018
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The specification of my desktop computer is as

Processor: AMD FX-8320, Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 (AMD 970 Chipset), RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX Fury, HD: 1TB WD Black and SMPS: CoolerMaster 650W


Due to some issue, the processor was replaced by the AMD. After installing the new processor (FX-8320), I see the error message as following:

New CPU installed! Please enter setup to configure your system. Press F1 to Run SETUP

After pressing F1, I press F8 for Boot Menu, then I select P3:WDC.. (Hard Drive)


Then Windows login screen appears. I saved booting priority by F10. However, after every restart, I need to follow these steps after pressing F1.


I replaced onboard 3V battery and discussed with Asus also. I have gone through all possible troubleshooting steps with the guidance of Asus. Also I selected default loading but issue not resolved. At the end, Asus says, this issue is because of motherboard so disable Wait for 'F1' If Error and continue to use.


I know disabling Wait for 'F1' If Error is not the solution of this problem. It is just ignoring the error message so please let me know, if I ignore the error message, is there any possibility of further hardware issue in motherboard, processor, RAM or hard drive?

And if I continue by ignoring this error message, is there precaution so that the possibility of further hardware issue in the motherboard and processor would be less?


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