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    Vega 64 shuts down pc


      why is it i can stress test my vega 64 LC pull 450 watts from the gpu alone for over 2 hours without any problems what so ever and yet if i play pugb using default settings the dam thing shuts my pc down, No warning no blue screen no time for a crash log to be written its like someone pulled the plug.

      Its very frustrating i cant game on this card because i dont know when its going to just turn off.

      I keep it default and problem still happens and that isnt right.

      It isnt my power my board or anything its some usage spike sensor not calibrated right and games make it trip when there is no need.

      It happens when my temps are 50 c but i can stress test up to 70 c and no problems.

      Bran new monitor bran new dp 1.4 cable,


      Im hoping this can be fixed via a driver update and tell the sensor to stop telling the computer to shut down because it wrongly recorded danger.

      Yes i can put it onto power save mode it dont happen then but this is the top of the line vega 64 i expect it to run on default setting.

      I foolishly dismantled my eyefinity setup because of this huge problem.

      Is this the place to report this problem ? is there any where else i can go ?


      alien isolation farcry 5 pubg bf1 dirt4 wiitcher 3 and doom are the games i have had this happen.


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          Do you use a uninterruptable power source? I had a similar problem when using UPS, the pc just could shut down without a blue screen and errors. It turned out in my case that the UPS and PSU in the PC are incompatible.

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            This sounds like the problem I'm having, on a 56 though. No-warning reboots in games, nothing else.

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              The way you described the pc crashing is indicative of either Overheating or Power issues.


              According to this website : PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX   you need a minimum PSU Wattage of 900 watts for Total System usage with a liquid cooled Vega64 GPU card installed. You didn't mention the wattage of the PSU you are using. Must close to 900 watts or larger.


              Someone in other threads mentioned it might also be a configuration issue in which you need to use AMD WATTMAN to configure the Vega64 power usage. Someone else will need to instruct you on how to properly configure your Vega64 so as to be more stable.


              You can download a diagnostic Free program OCCT that can test your PSU under maximum load. If it is too weak, the computer will shut down almost immediately. Otherwise, if it stays on and keeps testing, need to keep an eye on it. This PSU test can ruin a weak or cheaply made PSU.


              If you want, you can run the GPU Test first and see if it shuts down. If it doesn't, then try the PSU Test. The PSU test basically runs both the CPU and GPU Tests at the same time putting maximum load on the PSU.


              If it shuts down during the PSU test or before any tests finishes, go to Documents Folder and click on OCCT folder. Than click on the first image. From there using your video/graphics viewing software hit the "next" arrow to go to the next test results. There it will show all the outputs from the PSU and GPU and CPU.


              You can check to see if any of the PSU voltages dropped below 10% of its reference voltage when the computer shutdown.

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                  it isnt  my power supply or over heating.

                  My power supply is bran new.

                  ▷ Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 850W 80 Plus Ti… | OcUK


                  Mines the 1000 watt.

                  I brought this because of this problem but it wasnt the problem at all.

                  My temps are fine it happens even if the temps are around 50 c.

                  The board has a 250 mm fan blowing directly over the vrm and board their temps never go over 35 c.

                  I am frustrated

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                    Its happened without over clocking without even turning on wattman.

                    I have never moved the mhz bar on the gpu,

                    Only thing i have ever moved is the power slider and memory speed.

                    I have never overclocked the core i see no need to its already overclocked enough.


                    I have played a game using default settings no 3rd party software i even added a second fan to the pgu on pull duty to aid with air flow.

                    It still shut down without warning.

                    Other people have had this exact same problem and i honestly think its  safety feature within amd bios that is being triggered wrongly.

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                        See if this previous thread on the Vega64 LQ crashing helps you with any ideas.: https://community.amd.com/message/2839536?q=vega64%20crashes .


                        It is not shutting down the PC but crashing. Might help in stabilizing your gpu card.


                        Download OCCT - free diagnostic program. Run the PSU Test and see if the computer shuts down. If it does, then most likely your PSU is not strong enough for the Vega64 under heavy loads. That website says you need a MINIMUM of 900 watt PSU. You have a 850 watt Bronze PSU. You can also stress test your GPU card with error and see if the computer shuts down. Your PSU might be new but slightly underpowered for a Vega64 LQ card being installed.


                        OCCT generates a folder called OCCT in the Windows Document Folder. Inside are various images of the data from various aspects of the Test being run even if the test doesn't complete. When you restart the computer click on the folder and than on the first image and see what data it is showing for the PSU when under stress. Any outputs more than 10% than the reference voltages is bad.


                        Do you have the latest BIOS installed for your motherboard: ASRock > Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4


                        BIOS - Version 4.70 - 03/06/2018


                        EDIT: Wow, your new PSU has a 12 year Warranty. That is a good reason to purchase a Seasonic in the future if they have good reviews.

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                      It was my bran new power 800 watt supply causing the problem.

                      Fixed the problem by replacing it with a 650 watt.

                      Working fine now.