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Vega 64 shuts down pc

Question asked by freekyleecker on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by freekyleecker

why is it i can stress test my vega 64 LC pull 450 watts from the gpu alone for over 2 hours without any problems what so ever and yet if i play pugb using default settings the dam thing shuts my pc down, No warning no blue screen no time for a crash log to be written its like someone pulled the plug.

Its very frustrating i cant game on this card because i dont know when its going to just turn off.

I keep it default and problem still happens and that isnt right.

It isnt my power my board or anything its some usage spike sensor not calibrated right and games make it trip when there is no need.

It happens when my temps are 50 c but i can stress test up to 70 c and no problems.

Bran new monitor bran new dp 1.4 cable,


Im hoping this can be fixed via a driver update and tell the sensor to stop telling the computer to shut down because it wrongly recorded danger.

Yes i can put it onto power save mode it dont happen then but this is the top of the line vega 64 i expect it to run on default setting.

I foolishly dismantled my eyefinity setup because of this huge problem.

Is this the place to report this problem ? is there any where else i can go ?


alien isolation farcry 5 pubg bf1 dirt4 wiitcher 3 and doom are the games i have had this happen.